Notice of a Parish Council Meeting via Zoom. Monday 1st June 2020 7pm

The next meeting of Hickling Parish Council will take place on Monday 1st June via Zoom starting at 7.00pm.

Meeting ID: 241 853 8736
Password: 3PGuFb

Members of the public and press are welcome to attend. Should you wish to ask a question of highlight an issue or comment to anything on the agenda please contact the clerk at who will raise this for you at the meeting.

Parish Benches

The Parish Council has been asked if the village benches should be taped off. We have checked this with Government guidance and confirmed with Norfolk Association of Local Councils. Outdoor benches are not considered a hazard in themselves. The issue is social distancing – so using a bench is OK, sharing it with someone outside your household is not. Benches in London parks and some coastal villages have been taped off because people are not respecting the social distancing requirements.

Speeding in Hickling

The Parish Council has received the latest data from the SAM 2 Speed Sign in the village. It shows that on average 14% of the traffic in Hickling is going faster than the 30mph limit. It has also recorded speeds of 40mph and higher.

We would like to remind you that if you are caught speeding between 41 and 50mph in a 30mph zone you may be disqualified from driving or have 4-6 points on your licence and receive a fine. For speeds between 31 and 40mph you are likely to receive 3 points on your licence and a fine.

With an increase in pedestrians following the government restrictions you are also putting more lives at risk.