We would like to thank everyone who attended the events on Sunday 11th November to take part in the National Battle’s Over tribute to commemorate 100 years since the signing of the armistace. The church was packed for the morning service which was followed by the ringing of St Mary’s bells by the new band of ringers. This event was covered by BBC Look East and was featured in their news programs. Many of you took part in the share a plate remembrance tea during the afternoon at the Barn and also enjoyed the photographic exhibition. The evening event started with Norman Lamb MP reading the “Tribute to the Millions” which was followed by a roll call of the Hickling fallen and the Last Post. Once the beacon had been lit there followed more ringing of St Mary’s bells as part of the national “Ringing out for Peace”. Finally the day finished with a spectacular World War 1 themed fireworks display.

One person summed up the whole day with the simple statement…

“Hickling did itself proud.”



The Royal British Legion, as the UK’s national custodian of Remembrance. is working with the Commonwealth War Graves Commission to keep alive the memory of those who died in the First World War. By the end of the Centenary in 2018, our objective is to ensure every fallen hero from across the Commonwealth is remembered individually by those living today. This is your chance to take part in a truly historic and incredibly significant act of Remembrance.

It’s easy to get involved, whether or not you already have someone in mind to remember. Just search for any name on the homepage and follow a couple of simple steps. You can plant a poppy, write a remembrance message and even upload photos and a story if you have them.


Please remember the men and women of Hickling who served this country in WW1

Please click on the name to be taken to the relevant page to add your commemoration to them.

Further information on these and the other men and women from Hickling who served our country can be found in the Hickling Local History Group publication “Our Honoured Dead” and “They also Served” You can also find a wealth of information in Extracts From The Waxham and Happing Rural Deanery Magazine 1914 to 1919 inclusive which was transcribed by Helen Cornwell in 2006.

HERBERT SMITH, Vere. 2nd Lieutenant, 3rd Bn. Rifle Brigade, 22nd March 1915. Age 22.

GIBBS, Wilfred. Able Seaman, S.S. Indian Monarch. (This information not recorded by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission) Born 1888, died 1915, son of Robert William Gibbs and Elizabeth Gibbs (née Chapman), of Stubb Road, Hickling.

BELL, Flowerday. Private, 1st Bn., Norfolk Regiment. 21st May 1915. Age 34.

GIBBS, Edward. Lance Corporal, Ist Bn. Essex Regiment. 13th August, 1915. Age 20.

DYBALL, Frederick. Private, Essex Regiment, formerly Norfolk Regiment, Lost at sea. 13th August, 1916.

WRIGHT, William Walter. Private, 9th Bn. Norfolk Regiment. 18th Sept. 1918.

CHAPMAN, Hezekiah William. Petty Officer, HMS “Pembroke”, Royal Navy. Died as a result of an  accident at sea on board HMS “Liffey”. 5th July 1916. Age 34.

DEFEW, Fredrick. Private, 1st Bn. Machine Gun Corps (Inf.). 2nd August 1916.

NUDD, Alfred. Private, 1st Bn. Norfolk Regiment. Killed in action 4th September 1916. Age 21.

GIBBS, William George Kerrison. Lance Corporal, 1st Bn. Essex Regiment, formerly Norfolk Regiment. 20th October 1916.

PRATT, Herbert Henry. Deck Hand, HM Drifter “Launch Out”. Royal Naval Reserve. Killed in action with TBDs in Straits of Dover 26th October 1916. Age 24.

MASON, Otto Cecil. Deck Hand, H. M. Trawler “Sisters Melville”, Royal Naval Reserve. Killed by mine explosion near Aldeburgh 13th Feb., 1917.

LAMBERT, Arthur (Albert) Henry. Private, 2nd R.M. Bn. R.N. Division, Royal Marine Light Infantry. 25th February, 1917.

MILLS, Horace F. Private, 7th Bn. The Queen’s (Royal West Surrey Regiment). 30th September 1916. Age 23.

FOX, Harry Norton. 2nd Lieutenant, 1st Bn. Norfolk Regiment. 23rd April 1917. Age 23.

BECKETT, Harold Oxley. Leading Signalman, “H.M.S. Derwent”, Royal Navy. Killed by mine explosion in English Channel 2nd May 1917.

CHASE, George Robert. Private, 13th Bn. Essex Regiment. 13th November 1916. Age 23.

DURRANT, Charles. Private, 1st Bn. Essex Regiment. 14th April 1917. Age 29,

NUDD, Robert Thomas. Leading Deck Hand, 12/SD. H.M.S. Victory, Royal Naval Reserve. 31st January 1918. Age 23.

BEALES, Clarence Orlando Bernard. Corporal, 7th Bn. Norfolk Regiment. Killed in action 9th March 1918. Age 22.

GIBBS, Walter J. Stoker 2nd Class, H.M.S. Pembroke. Royal Navy, 20th April 1918. Age 18.

FOX, James J. 2nd Lieutenant, 12th Norfolk Yeo. Bn., Norfolk Regiment. 11th September 1918. Age 23.

TURNER, Arthur Victor. Private, 1st Bn., Northamptonshire Regiment. 10th July 1917. Age 23.

DURRANT Roland Charles. 2nd Hand, HM Drifter “Breadwinner”, Royal Naval Reserve. 29th October 1918. Age 23.

LAMB, Angus Henry. Gunner, 2nd Reserve Bde. Royal Garrison Artillery. 29th March 1919.

In addition to the names mentioned on the War Memorials in the church, the following
men, who have associations with Hickling, are listed by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission as casualties of war:

DACK, George Seth. Lance Corporal, 24th Bn. Royal Fusiliers. 23rd August 1918. Age 24. Son of Robert George and Anna Dack, of Repps, Martham, Great Yarmouth; husband of Agnes Mary Dack, of Stubb Rd., Hickling, Norfolk.

REYNOLDS, C. E. Gunner, 7th Siege Bty. Royal Garrison Artillery. 21st June 1918. Brother of Mrs Sarah Ann Gibbs, of Stubb Road, Hickling.

TUNGATE, Arthur Elijah. Seaman/Cook, Steam Trawler “Sabrina” (Hull), Mercantile Marine. Drowned, as a result of an attack by an enemy submarine. 20th May 1915. Age 54. Son of the late George and Sarah Tungate; husband of Emmeline Tungate (née Nudd), of Hull. Born at Hickling.

NUDD, Charles Henry. 3rd Hand, Steam Trawler “Fawn” (Grimsby), Mercantile Marine. Presumed drowned. 24th August 1919. Age 36. Son of Joshua and Charity Nudd, of Stubb Road, Hickling.