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Hickling Parish Council does not have decision making authority on planning applications. It submits comments which the Planning Authority may take into account at its discretion. There are two authorities who rule on building planning applications in Hickling, NNDC and the Broads Authority.  Planning applications for waste and similar are handled by Norfolk County Council. As a matter of policy the Council will not submit any comments on any planning applications made by councillors or their family or close associates.

North Norfolk District Council planning search may be found here.
Broads Authority planning search may be found here.

Recent Applications

These are the latest ones to have come in, please scroll down for earlier applications. The list may not be completely up to date. To view an application enter the Application Number into the relevant planning search above.

15th February 2018 St Catherines, The Green, Hickling, Norwich, NR12 0XR
Erection of first floor extension.
Application Number: PF/18/0251
NNDC Decision:

16th January 2018 Bay Cottage, The Green, Hickling, Norwich, NR12 0XR
Variation of condition 13 of planning permission PF/12/1397 to installation of footpath
Application Number: PF/18/0105
NNDC Decision:

9th January 2018 The Croft, Stalham Road, Hickling, Norwich, NR12 0XT
Erection of rear extension
Application Number: PF/18/0042
NNDC Decision: Approved

5th January 2018 Whinmere Farm, Whinmere Road, Hickling, Norwich, NR12 0BA
Prior notification of intention to erect agricultural storage building
Application Number: NP/18/0023
NNDC Decision: Approved

1st January 2018 Sherwood Cottage, Sutton Road, Catfield, Great Yarmouth, NR29 5BG
Part single and part two storey extension to west side elevation following demolition of existing single storey lean-to; single storey extension and porch to east side; porch to north elevation
Application Number: PF/18/0005
NNDC Decision: Approved

2017 Planning Applications

21st December 2017 Units 3, Catfield Industrial Estate, Sutton Road, Catfield, Great Yarmouth, NR29 5BG
Change of use of land to operate a scaffolding business with associated buildings and the external storage of equipment (retrospective).
Application Number: PF/17/2180
NNDC Decision:

11th December 2017 6 The Green, Hickling, NR12 OXH
Erection of single storey extensions to front and rear.
Application Number: PF/17/2090
NNDC Decision: Approved

17th November 2017 7 High Hill, The Street, Hickling, Norwich, NR12 0XZ
Demolition of sunroom & erection of single storey front, side & rear extensions
Application Number: PF/17/1921
NNDC Decision: Refused

21st September 2017 The Pippins, Staithe Road, Hickling, Norwich, NR12 0YJ
Erection of extension and alterations to roof to facilitate accommodation in roofspace
Application Number: IB/17/1573
NNDC Decision: Advice Given (for pre-apps)

21st June 2017 Larkrise, Hickling Road, Hickling, Norwich, NR12 0BE
Single-storey extension to rear of dwelling.
Application Number: PF/17/0987
NNDC Decision: Approved

14th June 2017 Plummers Farm Barn, Pockthorpe Loke, Hickling, NORWICH, NR12 0BX
Erection of detached outbuilding.
Application Number: PF/17/0947
NNDC Decision: Approved

5th June 2017 Rose Cottage, Staithe Road, Hickling, Norwich, NR12 0YJ
Use of existing annex as annexe and holiday accommodation.
Application Number: PF/17/0887
NNDC Decision: Approved

31st May 2017 Old Chapel Cottage, Stubb Road, Hickling, Norwich, NR12 0YS
Erection of two storey extension to side/rear.
Application Number:PF/17/0860
NNDC Decision: Approved

27th May 2017 Timber Gables, Hill Common, Hickling, Norwich, NR12 0BT
Erection of single storey side extension and detached double garage.
Application Number: PF/17/0783
NNDC Decision: Approved

29th March 2017 Reed Cottage, Stubb Road, Hickling, Norwich, NR12 0BN
Demolition of conservatory, erection of a single storey extension to side and rear; erection of detached garage.
Application Number: PF/17/0497
NNDC Decision: Approved

13th February 2017 Sparrow Hawk Cottage, Eastfield Road, Hickling.
Single storey extension to rear elevation and installation of new septic tank and surface water drainage/soakaway.
Application Number: PF/17/0229
NNDC Decision: Approved

31st January 2017 The Acorns, The Street, Hickling, NR12 0XU & Dove Cottage, The Street, HICKLING.
Change of use of agricultural land to garden land to be used in connection with Dove Cottage and The Acorns and erection of shed and summerhouse.
Application Number: PF/17/0160
NNDC Decision: Approved

2016 Planning Applications

8th November 2016 Ramblers Cottage, Stubb Road, Hickling.
Demolition of existing dwelling & erection of replacement 3 bed dwelling.
Application Number: PF/16/1536

20th October 2016 Andrews Garage/Bay Cottage, The Green, Hickling.
Erection of one single storey dwelling and one two storey dwelling.
Application Number: PF/16/1463

26th September 2016 The Wardens House, Stubb Road, Hickling.
Remove thatch roofing and replace with clay pantiles.
Application Number: PF/16/1334

26th July 2016 Hollymoor House, Heath Road, Hickling.
Single storey rear extension.
Application Number: PF/16/1042 (NNDC)

25th July 2016 Poplar Farm, Sutton Road, Hickling.
Erection of free range hen unit.
Application Number: PF/16/1032 (NNDC)
HPC response letter.

23rd June 2016 Land adjacent to “Broad House”, Hill Common, Hickling.
Installation of hardstanding and erection of shed.
Application Number: PF/16/0877

1st June 2016 Hickling Broad
Hickling Broad enhancement work – two areas of reed swamp restoration.
Application Number: BA/2016/0191/FUL

8th February 2016 Land at Heath Road, Hickling.
Change of use of land to create campsite with associated shower and toilet buildings.
Application Number: PF/16/0153 (NNDC)

2015 Planning Applications

17th December 2015 Hickling Hall, Town Street, Hickling.
Internal & external alterations to facilitate creation of attic bedroom accommodation, insertion of rooflights to north elevation roofslope and additional ensuite facilities at ground and first floors.
Application Number: LA/15/1850 (NNDC)

20th November 2015 Hill Common, Staithe Road, Hickling.
Repair and improvement to moorings at Hill Common, Hickling.
Application Number: BA/2015/0389/FUL (Broads Auth)

10th November 2015 Sherbourne, The Street, Hickling.
Erection of front porch, side and rear extension and pitched roof over existing garage.
Application Number: PF/15/1674 (NNDC)

9th November 2015 Poplar Farm, Sutton Road, Hickling.
Demolition of existing dwelling annexe.
Application Number: LA/15/1666 (NNDC)

3rd November 2015 Hickling Broad Sailing Club Staithe Road Hickling.
Extension to changing room, provision of solar water heating, additional training sail storage shed and provision of disabled changing and toilet facilities.
Application Number: BA/2015/0365/FUL (Broads Auth.)

28th October 2015 Brightmere Barn, Brightmere Road, Hickling.
Conversion of barn to 3 dwellings.
Application Number: PF/15/1591 (NNDC)

12th October 2015 Crossways, Staithe Road, Hickling.
Installation of Two Round UPVC Fixed Glazed Clear Glass Windows.
Application Number: NMA1/14/0324 (NNDC)

1st October 2015 Lawson Cottage, Stubb Road, Hickling.
Erection of extension to dwelling including external alterations.
Application Number: PF/15/1459 (NNDC)

7th September 2015 Hickling Tower Mill, Heath Road, Hickling.
External alterations to facilitate the replacement of all windows.
Application Number: LA/15/1306 (NNDC)

1st September 2015 Robins Dyke, Stubb Road, Hickling.
Erection of extensions to dwelling to provide, side extension and first floor accommodation.
Application Number: PF/15/1286 (NNDC)

26th August 2015 Meadow Farm, Heath Road Hickling.
Variation of condition 2 of planning permission ref: PF/14/1453 to permit revised window details.
Application Number: PF/15/1267 (NNDC)

10th July 2015 Hickling School
Extension of existing canopy area and infilling of sides of existing canopies.
Application Number: Y/1/2015/1006

6th July 2015 Brightmere Barn, Brightmere Road, Hickling.
Conversion of redundant barn to form 1 dwelling.
Application Number: PF/15/0981

22nd June 2015 Hickling Hall.
Initial Reinstatement after fire.
Application Number: awaiting.

11th May 2015 Poplar Farm, Sutton Road, Hickling.
Erection of a replacement detached dwelling and detached double garage.
Application Number: PO/15/0652 (NNDC)

8th May 2015 Herons, Hill Common, Hickling.
Erection of single storey rear extension.
Application Number: PF/15/0644

8th May 2015 Hill Common Staithe Road Hickling.
Repair and improvement to moorings at Hill Common, Hickling
Application Number: 2015/0158/FUL

27th March 2015 Willow Farm, Stubb Road, Hickling.
Erection of storage building for woodchip.
Appplication Number: NP/15/0434

25th March 2015 Lavender Cottage, 4 Heath Road, Hickling.
Erection of single-storey rear extension.
Application Number: PF/15/0417

11th March 2015 Rustic Bungalow, Staithe Rd, Hickling.
Erection of replacement garage.
Application Number: PF/15/0344

3rd February 2015 Whiteslea Lodge, Stubb Road, Hickling.
Replacement of existing timber quay with timber clad plastic piling.
Application Number: BA/2015/0039/HOUSEH

22nd January 2015 Mallards, Staithe Road, Hickling.
Erection of 1.53m high close boarded fencing.
Application Number: PF/15/0089

15th January 2015 13 Mill Close, Hickling.
Erection of rear/side extension, side link corridor, porch and canopy to garage.
Application Number: PF/15/0055